September 24, 2021

Composer Curator with Mari Kimura

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Get the inside story through performance and conversation with host composer/performer Mari Kimura on how she captures her own creativity, alongside the imagination and ingenuity of three equally groundbreaking creators, in a unique program she has crafted for Composers Now.

Tune in for the YouTube Premiere on Friday, September 24 at 7pm (NYC) for her Composer Curator event and chat live with Mari, Val-Inc (Val Jeanty), Meriheini Luoto, and Chelsea Loew of Ensemble Decipher.

Mari Kimura is at the forefront of violinists who are extending the technical and expressive capabilities of the instrument. As a composer, performer, researcher, and entrepreneur, she has opened up new sonic worlds and new musical possibilities for the violin. Notably, she has mastered the production of pitches that sound up to an octave below the violin's lowest string without re-tuning. This technique, which she calls Subharmonics, has earned Mari considerable renown in the concert music world and beyond. She is also a pioneer in the field of interactive computer music. At the same time, she has earned international acclaim as a soloist and recitalist in both standard and contemporary repertoire. Her most recent efforts involve entrepreneurship, bringing her prototype motion sensor MUGIC™, (pronounced "mu" as in music +"gic" as in magic) to the market.

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